Are you looking to sell your business in Austin or Texas?

As a business owner, whether you know it or not, you will sell your business some day. In fact for the right price, you would sell it today.

So, if you have contemplated selling your business and ask yourself "How do I sell my business?" and you came across this website, then reading this short page will help you out. It's a journey if planned well, can be a successful and a rewarding one. On the other hand, if not done right, you could leave money on the table and have other disappointing results, and even more regretfully, as a Seller, may not even realize how you short-changed yourself.

When you hire a business broker, you are hiring his expertise. Most business owners don't need or think of a business broker until they want to or have to sell their business. Typically, they will pick a broker who is advertising the loudest without doing their research. A business buyer does his due diligence once he/she finds a business and makes an offer. Likewise, its true the the business seller must do his due diligence prior to putting his business for sale. Do you want to hire someone without experience and expertise? You might as well put up a 'For Sale' sign. But if you retain a broker, you need someone to use his experience and expertise to benefit you . 

In the process of selling a business, there are a lot of moving parts and a savvy business seller needs a team of advisors to get the best results. With the assistance of a CPA and financial advisor, a business owner can prepare his next step, and a competent business broker will assist him on the next stage of finding a right buyer for the right price. 

If you are in Austin or the Central Texas area and beyond, and are looking for a broker, do yourself a favor and consult with the leading broker in your area.

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Partial list of transactions completed Since 2005 (199)

Services (38)

Plumbing Services (3)
Electrical Services (5)
HVAC (6)
Janitorial (4)
Pet Grooming Services (3)
Window Cleaning (1)
Medical Transcription (1)
Naturopathy Practice (1)
Locksmith (2)
Landscape Business/Route (3)
Swimming Pool Routes (2)
FedEx Routes (1)
Pool Lifeguards Management (1)
Property Management (1)
Waste Management (2)
Commercial Painting (1)
Veterinary Practice (1)

Retail (55)

Mailbox Store (5)
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Dry Cleaners (8)
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Tanning Salon (4)
Laser Hair/Skin Care (3)
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Boutique (2)
Alterations/Tailor (3)
Nutrition Store (1)
Liquor Store (2)
Check Cashing/Pawn Shop (1)

Wholesale Business (4)

Floral Warehouse (1)
Lumberyard (1)
USDA Food Supplier (1)
Bakery (1)

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Boba Juice (4)
Yogurt Shops (4)
Deli/Sandwich (3)
Jersey Mike's (3)
Dairy Queen Franchise (1)
Wine Bar (1)
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Body Shops (6)
Auto Mechanic (5)
Brake Shop (1)

Transportation (4)

Limousine Company (2)
Towing/Wrecker (1)
Bus Charter (1)

B2B Industrial Services (13)

Metal Cutting/Fabrication (1)
Waterjet Stone Cutting (1)
Welding (1)
Woodworking Shop (2)
CNC Machine Shop (2)
Electric Signs (2)
Print Shop/T-Shirt/banner Printing (2)
Powder Coating Shop (2)